PPE Front Diff Cover For 2011-Up GM 4WD 2500/3500 With GM 9.25 IFS

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PPE Front Diff Cover For 2011-Up GM 4WD 2500/3500 With GM 9.25 IFS

In true PPE fashion the new 2011 GM front diff cover is very functional and attractive for the owner looking for the custom show room look. The new PPE Front Diff cover for GM 2500/3500 4wd pick ups. adds .75 qt of fluid to the factory fill with the largest possible internal cooling fins to draw heat out of the fluid of the front differential. You say well that is only needed for those that use 4wd all the time and that is not true. The front gears are always turning when the vehicle is in motion. The fluid gets hot and starts to break down even if your not using the 4wd option. This cover is a must for those doing snow removal in the winter and for hot shots & Rvers towing constanly. Fits all 2001-Up GM 2500/3500 Duramax 4wd trucks.

PPE Diff Cover Inside Look at Heat Sink/Cooling Fins PPE Front Diff Cover Temperature Probe Access
PPE Front Diff Cover Installed

Available in 3 different finishes:

  1. Raw (Not Painted)
  2. Brushed Black (Additional Charge)
  3. Flat Black (Additional Charge)
PPE Front Diff Cover Raw Finish PPE Front Diff Cover Brushed Black PPE Front Diff Cover Black



  • Adds .75 Quart additional Gear Oil to capacity
  • Cast from high grade aluminum alloy
  • 1/4" external cooling fins
  • 5/8 Internal cooling fins
  • Retains use of original high quality gasket
  • 17mm hex head drain plug with 1" neodymium magnet
  • 1/8" Temperature Probe bung with Stainless plug
  • Adds additional strength to front housing

Use Drop Down menu below to choose finish of your choice

Product Code: PPE-1380410


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