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EZ Mount Bypass Mount For 2011-Present* GM Duramax Pick-Up Using the Amsoil BMK 27 Dual Bypass Engine Oil Filtration System. 

The mount is manufactured to exacting specifications utilizing existing holes in the 2011-Present Duramax frame saving over 1 1/2 hrs in fabrication time drilling holes and mounting the Amsoil mount provided with the BMK 27 Dual Bypass Kit. The EZ Bypass Mount allows the filters to be mounted above the bottom of the frame rails of the truck for protection against road hazards and obsticles that could cause damage to filters that would hang below the frame rails.

You will use the Amsoil mount supplied in the BMK 27 kit and bolt it directly to the EZ Bypass Mount which bolts directly to the Duramax Frame. The mount is made from 3/16" steel, powder coated black for additional protection against rusting and all bolts provided are capped off with nylon locking nuts for safety. There is no drilling needed with this mount. This is a must have time saver for those that want use the Amsoil BMK 27 Dual Bypass system to extend oil change intervals saving money on annual maintanence costs in your Duramax pick up truck. The Amsoil BMK-27 is perfect for Hot Shot truck that are always on the the road chocking up 4-5 thousand miles per month.

Installation Instructions:

Simply find the oval shaped hole that goes straight through the frame below the drivers door move the wiring harness on the inside of the frame up to the top of the frame and secure it out of the way. The EZ-Mount's long bolt goes thru the frame with all washers and the nut on the outside of the frame and the mount on the inside facing the transmission with the oval collar inserted into the oval shaped hole on the inside of the frame.



 * Will Not work on 2001-2010 Duramax Frames.

EZ Mount Dealer inquiries accepted. Amsoil Dealers wanting to carry the EZ Mount for their customers are welcome to contact us.

Product Code: EZMOUNT11


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