Billet Wif Sensor Delete Plug

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MJD Billet WIF Sensor Delete Plug With Alum Drain Plug

Replaces Water in Fuel Sensor with broken wires or doesn't work more than half the time on these GM Duramax trucks. If you are tired of the malfunctioning WIF sensor giving you "Water in Fuel" messages or broken Wif sensor wires, then delete it with the MadJack Diesel Performance exclusive machined Billet Aluminum Wif Del plug with a fuel drain plug.

Other vendors sell a Wif Delete Plug but none of them sell a Wif delete plug with a fuel drain plug in them. The OEM Wif sensor has a small drain that allows you to drain the filter and not spill the fuel when removing the old fuel filter. We designed our exclusive Madjack Diesel Performance Wif sensor delete plug to use an aluminum bleed screw to drain the filter before removing it. The threaded drain hole for the drain plug is machined with a taper to keep from crushing and buldging the viton o-ring on the drain plug when over tightened.

This plug will match your existing Wif sensor wrench for easy removal and replacment or use a 3/4" socket on the hex head without marring it up by using pliers with sharp jaws that leave gouges and metal slivers that enevitably jump into your fingers every time! The fuel drain plug is included in the purchase of our Wif Sensor Delete Plug with drain.

 Does not come with Wif sensor o-ring those are supplied with your new fuel filters each time.



Product Code: FFBPLUG


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